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Drug Interactions: Keep a List of All Medications You Take

I am on several medications that I take daily for a variety of health problems. I am on so many medications off and on that it is sometimes hard to remember them all. One day, I was visiting a new specialist, and I forgot to write down one of my current medications on the new patient form. I was given a prescription, and just after he wrote it I remembered the medication I forgot and told him. He said it was a good thing I remembered when I did, because the new prescription he was going to give me would have interacted with it. I now keep a current list of all medications I am on that I update every time there is a change. I created this blog to encourage others to make lists of their own to keep handy, because some medication interactions can be deadly.

Drug Interactions: Keep a List of All Medications You Take

Eating & Speaking With Dentures: What You Need To Know

by Sophie Craig

If you are living with a tooth or teeth missing, you know the discomfort that can come along with that. It may affect your self esteem in public, and it may be painful in private to eat or chew your food properly. Dentures are the perfect solution for those suffering from missing or damaged teeth. Dentures do come with a few hurdles to overcome as you get used to your new smile, though. Below are a few helpful hints and tricks you can use to make eating and speaking with dentures a more smooth transition.


The most important thing to remember after getting a new set of dentures is that your frustration with learning how to speak again is only temporary. You can retrain yourself to make the sounds you've been making since you were a child. The key to perfecting your speech is practice. Practice talking to anyone who will listen: your spouse, your friends and even yourself. Take time daily to enunciate and speak clearly. This can be done a variety of ways:

  • Read aloud to yourself
  • Call friends and family and speak to them on the phone
  • Talk or sing to yourself while performing your daily tasks

Your dentures may feel like they are going to 'slip' out of your mouth while speaking. If you experience this or if you are worried about your dentures detaching while speaking, you can make a habit of biting down and swallowing before you speak. This action will secure the dentures in place to prevent any slippage while speaking.

Before long, you will find yourself speaking as you always have. Talking with dentures will become second nature, and you will feel comfortable and confident with your new smile.


Like speaking, eating will also take a little practice. The key to mastering eating with dentures is to start small and soft. Small bites of soft food are important for two reasons:

  1. Your mouth may still be healing from having your natural teeth removed
  2. Your chewing sensation will be changed, and you may not be able to tell how well your food has been chewed. You may leave larger sizes in your mouth that can cause a choking hazard.

By starting small with soft food, you can get the feel of how your new dentures will work. After you have mastered chewing small bites, you can expand the texture and toughness of the food you eat. If you are ever worried about a certain type of food, like apples or carrots for example, take a few bites at home as a test run. This will give you an idea of where you are at with your progress of mastering whatever food you have in mind.

The key to eating food with dentures is to bite and chew with your back teeth. Biting with your front teeth can pop the dentures out of place. As you increase your variety of food, you may end up with a tender or sore spot in your mouth from your dentures. This is a common side effect. If the problem persists, visit your dentist for an adjustment.

Dentures can be life changing, but they don't come without their obstacles. If you are a new denture wearer, don't be intimated by chewing and speaking with your new set of teeth. Practice makes perfect. Practice in the comfort of your own home for both speaking and eating. It will fine tune your abilities and have you out on the town in no time at all.

For more information, contact a business such as Community Denture Centre.