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Drug Interactions: Keep a List of All Medications You Take

I am on several medications that I take daily for a variety of health problems. I am on so many medications off and on that it is sometimes hard to remember them all. One day, I was visiting a new specialist, and I forgot to write down one of my current medications on the new patient form. I was given a prescription, and just after he wrote it I remembered the medication I forgot and told him. He said it was a good thing I remembered when I did, because the new prescription he was going to give me would have interacted with it. I now keep a current list of all medications I am on that I update every time there is a change. I created this blog to encourage others to make lists of their own to keep handy, because some medication interactions can be deadly.

Drug Interactions: Keep a List of All Medications You Take

Dentures Or Implants: Which Is The Best Choice?

by Sophie Craig

Dealing with missing teeth can be frustrating, and it can not only affect appearance, but it can also make chewing food nearly impossible. If you have lost teeth for whatever reason, then obviously you want to replace them. A denturist can ensure you receive a well-fitting set of dentures, which is a popular type of replacement. However, another option is implants. If you're having a hard time deciding which choice would be best, here are some aspects of both possibilities to consider:

Cost & budget

When it comes to cost, dentures cost substantially less than implants. Depending on whether you need to replace a full mouth of missing teeth or not, you can expect to spend as much as $45,000 for implants. On the other hand, a full set of dentures will cost a maximum of about $5,000, although most sets cost a lot less. Your budget will dictate whether you should opt for dentures or implants, requiring that you choose the choice that is more affordable.


Many people are very happy with the appearance of their implants. Most implants are so attractive and look so much like actual teeth that others can't tell the difference. However, there have been many innovations when it comes to dentures. What used to be considered a tooth replacement only for elderly patients is now a possible solution for those of all ages. Depending on the type that you opt for, others may not even notice that you're wearing dentures. 


Although there may be a small amount of pain present when wearing dentures, especially in the beginning, wearing them is relatively pain-free. The opposite is true with implants, as you must undergo surgery and have the implants attached to your gums and bone. You can expect to experience pain during and after the actual implantation, although most people admit that the pain isn't as bad as having a tooth extracted. You will be offered local anesthesia during the procedure, to ensure your comfort. Analgesics will be necessary as your mouth heals after surgery.


In order to maintain dental implants, you would brush and floss them in the same manner that you do real teeth. Denture care is different, and they must be removed each night and brushed before being placed in cleaning solution. The mouth and gums must also be cleaned, as well. Dentures must also be handled with care, since they can be dropped or handled too roughly, and subsequently broken.

Tooth loss is a common occurrence due to excessive tooth decay and gum disease. It might be difficult to decide whether you should replace your lost teeth with dentures or implants, but by carefully considering the pros and cons of each possibility, you can choose the choice that will work best for you in every way with the help of places like Amery Denture Centres Calgary.