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Drug Interactions: Keep a List of All Medications You Take

I am on several medications that I take daily for a variety of health problems. I am on so many medications off and on that it is sometimes hard to remember them all. One day, I was visiting a new specialist, and I forgot to write down one of my current medications on the new patient form. I was given a prescription, and just after he wrote it I remembered the medication I forgot and told him. He said it was a good thing I remembered when I did, because the new prescription he was going to give me would have interacted with it. I now keep a current list of all medications I am on that I update every time there is a change. I created this blog to encourage others to make lists of their own to keep handy, because some medication interactions can be deadly.

Drug Interactions: Keep a List of All Medications You Take


Simple Home Remedies For Dry Sockets After Wisdom Teeth Removal

If you've had your wisdom teeth taken out (for instance, those at Sidney Centre Family Dentistry offer wisdom teeth removal), your dentist should have provided you with information about potential dry sockets and how to prevent them. This problem occurs when the blood clot that forms after removing a tooth becomes dislodged, exposing the unhealed tissue underneath. Dry sockets can be extremely painful and can also create a serious threat of infection.

These 2 Smoothie Recipes Will Keep The Family's Teeth Nice And White

The most effective way to maintain a healthy and white set of teeth is to commit to regular checkups and cleaning at your dentist's office. But teeth tend to lose their luster between professional cleanings, so you'll want to do a little legwork at home to ensure that your family's teeth maintain their healthy glow between dental appointments. Daily brushing and choosing water over other beverages as often as possible as well as limiting sugary snacks when the kids get hungry during the day are all beneficial.